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Fusionista Spa and Beauty Salon

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If you are looking for something very different, very unique and very special Fusionista Spa & Beauty Salon is for you! We have created a number of one of a kind therapy rooms to choose from including the Wind Chime Room, the Bamboo Room, the Crystal Room, the Candle Room, the Garden Room & the totally unique Koi Mist Room, where one is massaged on a glass island next to a stunning waterfall , surrounded by tropical vegetation, mist and fire as one gazes down on exquisitely coloured Koi fish swimming peacefully below you.

Choose from a tantalisingly large variety of spa therapies that will leave you with a sense of deep relaxation whilst our beauty treatments will have you looking at your very best. Book a private Jacuzzi or sauna or our Chill Room with its unique sound therapy bed. You receive a complimentary drink with all treatments (not on special) of 60 minutes or more.

Make your experience even more amazing by rounding it off with a delicious meal at our Asian fusion restaurant.



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